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Mesin Pengupas Kulit Kopi Basah-Pulper Kopi

Mesin Pengupas Kulit Kopi Basah-Pulper Kopi   
Panjang : 800  mm   
Lebar : 500 mm   
Tinggi : 1200 mm   
Kapasitas : 350 kg/jam   
Penggerak : Motor Bensin 5,5 HP   

Mesin Pencuci Kopi

Panjang : 1700 mm   
Lebar  : 800 mm   
Tinggi  : 1250 mm   
Kapasitas : 500 kg/ jam   
Penggerak : E. Motor 2 Hp   

Mesin Pengering Kopi    Dryer Box   Fungsi : Mengeringkan Kopi Basah

Ukuran Permukaan Box Pengering 6000 x 2000mm   
Dinding pembatas pelat steel dengan finishing epoxy Painted   
Blower 1 PK dengan direct axial     (1 Unit)   
Pemanas dengan elemen heater model tube sirip   
Daya pemanas 5x1000 Watt     
Dilengkapi panel kontrol   
Kapasitas: 3000 Kg/proses   

Mesin Pengupas Kulit Ari/Cangkang Kopi - Huller Kopi 
Panjang: 800 mm   
Lebar : 500 mm   
Tinggi : 1200 mm   
Kapasitas : 250 Kg/jam   
Penggerak : E motor 5,5 Hp   

Mesin Sortasi Biji Kopi
Dimensi: 2200x1100x1400 mm   
Kapasitas : 300-400 kg/jam   
Penggerak : E motor 1 Hp   
Dimensi: 1500x800x600 mm   
Kapasitas: 100-200 kg/jam   
Dimensi: 950x800x950 mm   
Kapasitas: 50-100 kg/jam   

Mesin Gongseng Kopi Otomatis

Panjang : 1100 mm   
Lebar : 800 mm   
Tinggi : 1200 mm   
Kapasitas : 10  kg/jam   
Penggerak : E motor 1 Hp   
Pemanas : Kompor LPG / Listrik   

Mini Coffee Roater capacity : 1 kg (Max. 1,2kg)/batch
Drum capacity : 1 kg (Max. 1,2kg)/batch.   
Type : Semi Direct Roast   
Heat Resource : GAS (LPG)   
Electricity : 135 W / 220 V   
Warming Time : 10 Minute   
Roasting Time : 13 – 20 Minute   
Drum Thermometer : Yes (analog)   
Bean Thermometer : Yes (analog)   
Weight : 32kg   
Cooling bin : Optional   
Dimension : 52 x 42 x 70 cm (LxWxH)   
Roast Drum : Stainless Stell   
Outside drum : Double Jacket with heat resistant layer.   

Mesin Pembubuk/Penggiling Kopi
Panjang: 30 cm   
Lebar: 21 cm   
Tinggi: 51 cm   
Kapasitas: 1,5-2 kg/proses   

Mesin Pembubuk/Penggiling Kopi

Panjang : 760 mm   
Lebar : 480 mm   
Tinggi : 1100 mm   
Kapasitas : 25  –  50 Kg/jam   
Penggerak :E.Motor 1 Hp Taiwan   

Mesin Mixer/Pencampur

Panjang: 80 cm   
Lebar: 6 cm   
Tinggi: 85 cm   
Kapasitas: 100-250 kg sekali masuk   
Penggerak: E.Motor 1 HP   


Alat Ukur Kadar Air Kopi

Panjang : 165 mm   
Lebar : 62 mm   
Tinggi 26 mm   
Display: LCD display   
PC interface: RS232C   
Range content : 7-30 %   
padi, sorgum, jagung, kacang,     
cengkeh, kacang kedelai, kopi

Coffee Huller

Kopi HullerMachine function:
This machine is used for dry process, also known as unwashed or natural coffee. After the coffee cherries are dried, this machine hulls their shells,. It also hull the hard shells wrapping on the coffee beans after the coffee beans are dried under wet process. After that, we can get green coffee beans. Our machine has a broken rate within 3% on the green coffee beans.
Technical data:
Motors: 0.4Kw*1, 1.5Kw*1
Fan: 0.3Kw
Green coffee beans elevator


Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Machine feature:
a) Coarse and fine grain sizes are adjustable.
b) Grinding cutter disc is nitrogen treated for long service life.
c) Simplified construction with minimum trouble.
d) The machine frame is enamel treated to prevent rust.
e) After grinding, the granules of the coffee powder are very even on diameter.
f) Grind coffee beans by scissors type, the coffee powder quality is stable and also flavor can be preserved.
Technical data:
Mode: TL-CG100
Motors: 1/2HP
Dimension: L475*W280*H520mm
Capacity: 60kgs/hr
a) Cutter disc

b) Stainless steel machine stand


Automatic Coffee Roaster

Automatic Coffee Roaster

Machine features:
a) The entire motion sequence from material in feed, roasting, out feed, cooling to product unloading are fully automatically operated.
b) The machine employs hot air and direct heating for roasting, ensuring extremely uniform roasting quality for each coffee beans. Heating temperature, time and hot air can be adjusted as desired to meet specific requirements.
c) The PLC control system provides maximum operational convenience.
d) The patented machine features assure superior production quality.
e) The machine operation is simple and easy.
f) The machine has a good cooling effect, and a low noise volume.
g) From lighter roasting to deeper roasting, the machine can evenly roast the coffee beans.
h) Heating is by semi-hot-wind.
i) The heating speed is fast.
j) The roast can be quickly finished.
k) The membranes produced by coffee beans during roast process can be completely pumped out, so they won’t burn in the roller to produce scorching smell which would affect the taste of coffee.
Technical data:
Mode: TL-CR60A
Motors: 3HP*2, 2HP*1, 1/2HP*1
Dimension: L2800*W2100*H3500mm
Capacity: 60kgs
Control panel: L620*W390*H1010mm
Bean suction: L400*W410*H720mm 3HP
Bean suction tank: L990*W920*H510mm


Coffee Screen Machine

Coffee Screen Machine

Machine function:
Our coffee bean screening machine screens four major sizes to increase the selling point, and can select excellent coffee beans. There is only one peaberry (deformed) in one fruit after this process. Graded beans have different price, this will increase the benefit though beans are from the same plant.
Technical data:
Motors: 0.1Kw


Smokeless Coffee Roaster

Smokeless Coffee Roaster

a) The machine employs a smoke-free film collector, permitting indoor roasting for coffee bean.
b) The machine applies electric heating, power required is 220V, 0.5Kw*5.
c) Reciprocating type agitation to ensure superior roasting uniformity.
d) Hot air circulation device.
e) Product roasting sight glass.
f) Inside oven temperature display and alarm.
g) Automatic metal removal.
Technical data:
Mode: TL-CR1S
Motor: 1/8HP*3, 1/4HP*1

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